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Grease ​Trap Services

Grease trap pumping is our specialty when it comes to maintenance. We have pumped and repaired hundreds of these tanks and want to service yours. Our fleet of vacuum pumping trucks and experienced technicians are equipped with high powered pumps that remove all contents from the grease trap. We then use our mobile high pressure washers to clean and deodorize each tank. All water is brought to our own water recycling plant and at the best price in Southern California.


Water Recycling Plant

Owning our own water recycling plant gives us a competitive edge in pricing and services and assures you that all city and environmental requirements are met.

Need a grease trap pumped?


Used Cooking Oil / Yellow Grease

We service restaurants and other food related businesses all over Southern California. We are a licensed collections company with the California Dpeartment of Agriculture. We have developed a state of the art collection system that has revolutionized the industry. No more containers in the trash area smelling and attracting pests and thieves. Landlords and Cities all over the US are endorsing our new system. On routine schedule we swap out your full bin for a clean new bin contributing to a sustaiable, safe and clean environment. We process and clean this grease at our plant in Pomona, Californa then provide it to seveal biodeisel companies in the US.

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