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If you need immediate service call (800) 676-1698 and/or fill out the email potion above. We will get back to you ASAP. You call and emails go to our 24 hour call center and then are sent to our on call technician.

Need a grease pick up?


URGENT PICKUP'S OR TRAP CLEANINGS: for current and prospective customers may use this form to request an urgent service. Urgent means (emergency) oil pickup (and/or trap cleaning) for a location.


For current customers service will be scheduled as soon as confirmation by a customer service representative. Actual dispatching occurs during normal business hours; forms submitted after hours will be acknowledged on the next business day (M-F). Note that service may be provided locally by one of our partner companies.


NEW CUSTOMERS: If you are not already a customer of WCES or one of our affiliated collectors, we will be pleased to provide emergency pickup within for a fee. Non-customers will be billed a surcharge for oil pick ups and grease trap services, part of which can be credited to you if you decide to become our customer (certain restrictions apply). 


(If you have waited too long to call, please put the extra oil into used delivery containers (cubes) and include that information in your request.)


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